CSCI 431 - 01, Fall 2016 — Artificial Intelligence

MWF 3:30-4:20p Eliz 210; pre-reqs: CSCI 221

This course covers a wide array of topics related to contemporary artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques and tools. Our focus will be on practical techniques that can be immediately applied outside of the classroom. By the end of the course, you should be able to apply an appropriate AI technique in a novel situation.

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There is no textbook for this class.

Python requirement

Several assignments require that you understand and write Python code, including the first assignment. You will need to learn Python on your own, though we will spend a small amount of time reviewing the language in class. In all assignments involving Python, you will start with existing code that must be modified or extended. For quickly learning the essentials, I suggest the website Learn X in Y Minutes, where X=Python.


Late work is penalized 20% for each day that it is late. Submissions more than 3 days late receive no credit. Tests cannot be made up unless a doctor’s note is provided.

Test dates


The grading rubric for attendance is as follows, out of 3 points:


Homework will be submitted via Bitbucket. Create an account on Bitbucket and, for every assignment, create a new repository and add me (username ‘joshuaeckroth’) as a reader. Always name the repository csci431-A01 or similar.

See the individual assignments for the grading rubric. Homeworks are always out of 5 points.


Homework due dates:

Honor code

I am strongly in agreement with the Stetson University Honor Code. Any form of cheating is not acceptable, will not be tolerated, and could lead to dismissal from the University.

Academic success center

If a student anticipates barriers related to the format or requirements of a course, she or he should meet with the course instructor to discuss ways to ensure full participation. If disability-related accommodations are necessary, please register with the Academic Success Center (822-7127; www.stetson.edu/asc) and notify the course instructor of your eligibility for reasonable accommodations. The student, course instructor, and the Academic Success Center will plan how best to coordinate accommodations. The Academic Success Center is located at 209 E Bert Fish Drive, and can be contacted using the email address asc@stetson.edu.

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